My mother was also a prostitute and so were both my sisters. When I was 14 years old I was raped by my step father. I didn’t want to live in the same home as him and so I left home.


Unable to provide for myself I turned to prostitution. During this time I met a man whom I had two daughters with. He left me and so I continued to prostitute myself to provide for my children.


Customers were often cruel and would sometimes run away without paying. I became pregnant for a third time but continued to work. I had sex with customers up until the day before my child was born. My third child died shortly after birth. I paid my mother to look after my daughters and would leave for days on drunken binges, selling myself for sex at the same time. Sometimes I wouldn't see my daughters for an entire month. I felt hopeless and angry. I wanted to kill herself. I didn't know how I could go on and I feared growing old and still having to prostitute myself. I feared for my daughters futures.


A "sister in Christ" invited me to New Image. I attended, and was welcomed by Hellen and Xiomara. I quit prostitution and am now very involved with New Image. My daughters are healing from their mental abuse and are both in school. I have had to have a surgery due to the damages done to me during my years being a prostitute.


I currently have a job as a waitress and most importantly I am free from the fears that once haunted me and I am able to hope for my future and enjoy my present.