I fell in love with my 40 year old English teacher when I was 14. My guardians agreed I could marry him and signed the papers to approve their marriage, an action that was "digging my grave".


I was pregnant and gave birth to a little boy. My husband was abusive verbally and physically. He wasn't providing me with food and I was starving. When my son was 7 months old my husband left us. I looked for support from my guardian but was refused and was told my situation was my own fault.


I felt hopeless. I decided to go visit an old friend. When I arrived to my friend’s house I was surprised to see my friend wearing nice clothes with lots of food to eat. My friend said she could help me out by using her contacts to get me a job. She said the job was giving people massages, but when the customers came they actually expected something very different. I felt tricked by my friend, but out of my desperation I agreed to the work.


Although I began to make money I wasn't happy. I began to feel bitter and my “heart hardened”. I attempted to kill myself. My son, at five years old, asked me why I always looked so unhappy. He said other mothers weren’t so unhappy and weren't gone all the time. This broke my heart. I began to worry for my son’s future. I wanted better for him. I saw the young people in my community, frequently drunk or high on glue, and wanted a different future for my son.


One day I heard women in the street talking about New Image. This struck my interest. I decided to go to a meeting at New Image. When I arrived I felt intimidated and felt like I didn't look good enough to go inside, but I forced myself to enter. I immediately felt welcomed when I entered the room. Hellen and Xiomara made me feel like they had known me all my life, as they hugged me and welcomed me. I felt a joy and peace when I entered the room. I began to live two lives, I continued to prostitute myself but attended the New Image Bible studies.


Finally, one day they asked who wanted to ask Jesus in their heart and I felt my arm go up. I didn’t want my arm to go up, it just did. I accepted Christ in my heart and now I feel like a “precious” jewel. I feel that even without makeup I am beautiful. New Image has supported my emotionally, spiritually and financially. My son wasn’t doing well in school and had to write an exam to pass the 9th grade. Out of faith I entered him into the 10th grade before he wrote the test. He passed. I am now declaring that my son will become a lawyer and in faith have bought him a briefcase.