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I was raised by my grandmother. When my mother was pregnant with me, my biological father made a bet: “if it’s a boy, I’ll keep him. If it’s a girl, her grandmother will raise her.”


As I was a girl, I was given over to my grandmother, at three months old, to be raised.


Although my grandmother had good things to teach me, ultimately she was strict and hard on me. I couldn’t have friends over, especially not boys. My Grandmother would put me down and tell me I would “end up a prostitute”.


When I asked to go to a soccer match with a boy, my grandmother beat me with a belt, bruising me all over my body. I was pushed out of my home, having nowhere to go, I wandered the streets until late in the evening. A man approached me and offered me shelter. I went with the “good Samaritan” to stay the night but he sexually assaulted me.


I later went to one of my uncle’s where I began to work at a brothel he owned as a house keeper. He bought me clothes and everything I needed. Eventually, he told me he could no longer support me and that I would have to become a prostitute. I was in that world with no hope, I never thought I would be able to get away from that world.


Years later, I was approached by New Image’s founder, Helen Goatley. Hesitant at first, I finally made the step to join New Image. I was so motivated that I began to work for free for the ministry, simply for internal satisfaction. Eventually, I would be become a full-time ministry leader for New Image. I am married with three sons.  


The goals that I didn’t accomplish, I want my kids to accomplish them. I want them to have a better life and there’s nothing better than to grow under the coverage of the Almighty. That was my motivation to make a difference and now I have seen the results. I have three boys with no addictions, two of them are in college and one is still in high school. This is a blessing from God. I am so thankful for the opportunity New Image has given me. If you see me weeping or crying it’s not because of pain anymore. I learned how to forgive the people who hurt me. Now, if you see me crying it’s because the Lord has changed my life in a great way.