When I was 8 months old my mother gave me away to a brothel, where I was raised. When I was 8 years old I was sold to a 65 year old man, who sexually assaulted me. I tried to leave but the woman who sold me beat me and forced me to go back. When I turned 15 I rebelled and left, I wanted to keep the money that my body was earning. I decided to go out on my own as a prostitute. I began using drugs and became addicted to glue, an addiction that would prove difficult to break. I went into business with my cousin, and had to pay for protection. I spiraled out of control, using drugs, drinking and learning how to steal. During this time I had two daughters, by two different men. I was not concerned about their where-a-bouts when I was working. I often left my daughters on their own.


Last year, I was invited to a lunch at New Image. I decided to join the New Image program and regain the self-worth lost due to years of abuse. I’m so happy to be here, I have recovered my family. I am no longer a prostitute, I no longer use drugs or drink and continue to grow and recover my life. My children also benefit from the support system offered by the New Image program. They’ve been with me during my happy times and sad times. She says. I think I deserve this opportunity.