-Background -


In 1998, Helen Goatley of New Zealand travelled to Managua, Nicaragua with the mission to minister specifically to women involved in the sex trade. Many of these women have a history of abuse, rape and violence, often encouraged or even forced by their own families to enter into prostitution. Nueva Imagen (New Image) mission is to see these women transformed and to offer them an alternative lifestyle, ultimately giving them hope for a new future. Nueva Imagen is a safe space for women to heal, learn and grow. They are provided with mentorship, fellowship and training. They are given opportunity to learn a new craft or trade to provide an alternative source of income. Nueva Imagen is working to break the cycle of abuse and restore these women’s dignity and self-worth.Now, fifteen years since Nueva Imagen was founded, exciting things are unfolding in Nicaragua.


Nueva Imagen has a new location, their own home to carry out projects. Here they offer quality care and mentorship, as well as therapy from a full-time counsellor to aid the women in overcoming years of trauma and molestation and to empower them with dignity and self-love.In this home they teach the women to sew and cook. They offer English lessons, sponsorship and school supplies for their children. They offer the women support in every aspect of their life.There are costs of personal hygiene products and the tools to train with (such as fabric and thread for sewing, kitchen utensils, ingredients, etc.). Without the kindness and generosity of people like us who have more than enough, the women of Nueva Imagen would have no opportunities, no hope and no self-worth. We are immensely blessed. Let's share our wealth.